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 DongGuan  ERS  machinery  co., Ltd

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Contacts:lvy lee

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Address: Industrial Zone of TianLiao, ShiPai town,DongGuan city ,GuangDong province ,China

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Company Name:DongGuan  ERS  machinery  co., Ltd


Address:Industrial Zone of TianLiao, ShiPai town,

DongGuan city,GuangDong province,China


Contact:Ivy Lee
Phone:+86 13688988936
Peripheral circuit
Dongguan first, and then navigate: Eastern Expressway, then under the direction from Shek Pai Town, then go straight to the Yuen Chau direction, will go through a circular turntable, turntable and then straight over 500 meters left hand side of the road: Long green Chemical Engineering, is our factory.
Customers outside the train coming, if it is to Changping, Dongguan East Railway Station or Station, you can directly next to the bus station to sit Chang Ping Shek Pai town buses. If it is to the Guangzhou Railway Station or Guangzhou East Railway Station, you can take the Harmony (EMU) to Shilong train station, we drove over to pick you up again.

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