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ERS-H01/H02 Horizontal Sponge Cutting Machine

ERS-H01H02 海绵平切机


ERS-H01H02 海绵平切机

Details :
ERS-H01/H02 Horizontal Sponge Cutting Machine

The machine mainly cutter the block foam into slices.
The worktable is adopt fully automatic digital control, setting the number by control box as need cutting thickness and foam density, the worktable automatically runs.
it can adding to pressure roller, and in order to prevent cutting foam removing. easy to operate, cutting precision.( worktable also choose adding to vacuum equipment).

Model ERS-H01 ERS- H02
cutting sponge size L2000*W1650* H1200mm L3000*W2150* H1200mm
cutting sponge thickness 2-150mm 2-150mm
treading speed 0-30m/min 0-30m/min
blade length 8500mm 10110mm
total power 8.32kw 8.32kw
machine external size L5000*W3600*H2350mm L7800*W4200*H2350m

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