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ERS-CNC04 CNC Circular Contour Cutting Machine (vertical)

ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)

Details : ERS-CNC04  CNC Circular contour cutting machine (vertical knife)
ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)

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ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)
ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)
ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)ERS-CNC04 环刀异形数控海绵切割机 (竖刀)

My company developed continuous blade CNC contour cutting machine,it is currently the most advanced and practical,the highest output,the lowest noise CNC cutting equipment.It is controlled by PC system,cutting sponge into various shapes without dust. by control command of X,Y,C-axis setting by PC system,fully automatic cutting by tracking the graphic in PC. It has reliable security operating system, which can process any size foam block, various types of sponge fonts, memory foam, high-density resilient foam ,shaped cleaning supplies,PVA, EPE, EPS, phenolic and others various sponge products. With following features: using continuous blade, low noise; high speed efficiency; high cutting precision; no dust,and green;rotary cutter parts with simple structure,convenient maintenance; blade with durable, low-loss in devices; smooth running with good internal dynamic balance, good structure outline, high reliability,long use life,software operate easily,interface with good compatibility, and suitable for various applications needs. (My choose automatic grinding system and automatic pressure system)

Model ERS-CNC04
Cutting sponge size max L2200*W2000*H1000mm
Cutting speed 0- 50m/min
Processing precision ±0.5mm
Blade speed 500-1800m/min
Blade continuous saw tooth blade
Total power 8kw servo motor
Machine external size L5000*W4000*H3000mm

Consultation:ERS-CNC04 CNC Circular Contour Cutting Machine (vertical)

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