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ERS-CNC03 CNC Circular Contour Cutting Machine (360°worktabl

ERS-CNC03 环刀异形数控海绵切割机(横刀)

Details :

 ERS-CNC03  CNC Circular contour cutting machine (worktable with 360°rotation)

1、Cut the Pyramid shape video:


2、Cut the shape of a pillow点击观看视频


3、Small pillow with pressure roller点击观看视频


4、2011 Shanghai Exhibition点击观看视频


5、2013 Guangzhou furniture exhibition and production drawings

ERS-CNC03 环刀异形数控海绵切割机(横刀)
ERS-CNC03 环刀异形数控海绵切割机(横刀)

ERS-CNC03 环刀异形数控海绵切割机(横刀)


My company developed Circle blade CNC contour cutting machine,It is currently the most advanced & practical CNC cutting equipment with the lowest noise ,highest output, controlled by PC system, cut sponge into various shapes without dust. With control command of X, Y, C-axis, fully automatic cutting by tracking the graphic in PC. It has reliable security operating system, which can process any size foam block, various types of sponge fonts, memory foam, high-density foam ,shaped cleaning supplies,PVA, EPE, EPS, phenolic and others various sponge products. With following features: using circle blade, low noise; high speed & efficiency; high cutting precision; no dust & green;  rotary cutter parts with simple structure,convenient maintenance; blade with durable, low-loss in devices; smooth running with good internal dynamic balance, good structure & outline, high reliability & long life, friendly interface & compatibility, and suitable for various applications needs.

Model ERS-CNC03
Cutting sponge size max L2000*W2000*H1200mm
Cutting speed 5- 30m/min
Processing precision ±0.5mm
Blade speed 500-1800m/min
Blade length L11900mm
Total power 6kw
Machine external size L5000*W4000*H3000mm



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